Book A Tennis Court

The cost to hire either one of our acrylic hard courts or synthetic grass courts are $30 per court per hour + $12 per hour for light hire (If applicable)
*Guest fee for non-members playing with a member/s is $12 per guest.



From Saturday Morning 18 September 2021, 7:00am the following conditions of play apply at NWTC:

  1. Members and Non-members can make court bookings for 1 hour time periods. Please note all bookings are spaced 30 min apart to allow for limited congestion and crossover between court booking times.
  2. Check in to CBR app is mandatory before play, the aim is to Get in, play and get out as a principle:
  3. Please sanitise on entry and exit, bringing your own sanitiser is recommended
  4. Clubhouse is closed and no entry under any circumstances please.
  5. No night court hire due to the fact the clubhouse is closed
  6. Masks are to be worn by players to and from the court. Masks can be worn during play, but that is on a personal preference basis;
  7. Please keep socially distant by at least 2m if possible
  8. Court bookings with multiple clubs should be discouraged due to the infection transference risk. We will not necessarily know if this has occurred, but should warn players please not to club hop.
  9. All courts (except court 2 which is closed due to maintenance issues) can be used by a maximum of 4 players per court and there should be no crossover between each group of 4 players. It is preferred that the same group of 4 hit during the week rather than multiple individuals from groups mixing with other groups during the week.
  10. 30 min intervals between booking to allow for safe traffic and ease any congestion issues.
  11. There is to be no interaction between each group of players and players must leave the facility immediately after play ceases, i.e no socialising;
  12. The partial re-opening is for exercise and recreation only. No organised social play or competition play is allowed;
  13. Players should bring their own drink bottle and not use tap/bubbler facilities;
  14. No spectators are allowed. If parents attend NWTC to accompany children then they form part of the 4-person limit
  15. Please keep all internal court gates open to avoid human contact and potential spread
  16. No equipment sharing unless in the same family
  17. Please do not break any of these rules as it may jeopardize our ability to play tennis.

We urge you to stay, safe and healthy.

Kind Regards
NWTC & RSTA management