RSTA’s player development pathway is a guide to players, parents and other observers of the opportunities and experiences that are available to players within RSTA tennis system in Canberra and NSW. Whilst there is an emphasis on our grassroots junior pathway, what opportunities exist for them, and what benchmarks junior players should be attaining at certain levels, the RSTA tennis player pathway also outlines the ‘game for life’ nature of tennis, and the pathway that it offers to all players at all levels.

Tennis Whizz Launch Pad Program

Beginners 4yrs+

Play & Train Intro to Tennis Program – Red Court Team Tennis
Beginners 5yrs+

Red Court Play & Train Program

Beginners 5yrs+

Play & Train Intro To Tennis Program – Orange Court Team Tennis
Beginners 7-8yrs+

Orange Court Play & Train Program

Beginners-Intermediate 7-8yrs+

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Green Court Program

Beginners – Intermediate 9-10yrs+