Tennis Whizz Launch Pad Program

Ages : 4-5 yearsOur Tennis Whizz program is specifically designed for children aged between 4-5 years. The focus of this program is the acquisition and enhancement of fundamental movement and perceptual motor skills required for many sporting activities – in particular tennis, as well as some of the fundamental technical and tactical concepts of the game of tennis, such as groundstrokes. Our Tennis Whizz program assists in laying the skills foundation to be able to play the game of tennis. Our coaching team encourage the participants of this program, as well as Mums and Dads to be active, enjoy their tennis and have a healthy approach to life.

The program consists of eight, 30 minute lessons. All the tools and equipment necessary to conduct the program are included.

Days to register for below:

                   For more information please email
  Call Head Coach David Pajaczkowski on 0424 295 634