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Fast4 Tennis | Rising Star Tennis Academy

Fast4 Tennis

Rising Star Tennis Academy encourages all its participants to be involved in match play and Fast4 Tennis is the ideal compliment to better facilitate improvements throughout your game and further enhances the importance of your current tennis program development. Here is some more information below for you to read.

Fast4 Tennis is a modern, cutting-edge tennis competition that caters to the time poor tennis enthusiast. The unique formula enables Fast4 Tennis to fit into people’s lifestyles while still enjoying the exciting nature of match play tennis competition. Match times may range from approximately 1.5hrs to 2hrs with a number of exciting formats available. Please note they are not 30 minute time based set times, the sets are based on the first to 4 scoreline.

All competition formats are based on a unisex, two player teams (except singles) which enable players and clubs to easily create teams. Fast4 Tennis caters for Senior and Junior Players

Competitions will be offered at the following venues :

  • North Woden Tennis Club, De Largie Place, Hughes, ACT 2605

2018 Competitions

All competitions will be 8 rounds, 7 general rounds and 1 playoff round

Competitions will start From Monday 22nd October 2018.

Entries close 15th October 2018


Singles and Doubles – 1 singles & 2 doubles set per player (sets are first to 4 games, tie break at 3-3)

Singles and Doubles – 2 singles (reverse) & 2 doubles per player (sets are first to 4 games, tie break 3-3)

Doubles – 4 doubles per player (sets are first to 4 games, tie break 3-3)

Fast4 Tennis , 2018 Competitions (please click on the competition you wish to enter, in team name field put your partners name in that field. If you do not have a partner, one can be organised at your request. Entry cost is per player not per team as both players in your team will have to register)

All competitions will be run at North Woden Tennis Club

Once registrations have opened when registering it will ask for a team name please put your partners name in that field. If you do not have a partner leave the field empty and we will find one for you.

Payments will be made online via this website.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to call Frank Calabria our Competitions manager on 0438258624 or email competitions@risingstartennis.com

Dates :

Week starting 22nd October 2018 – 14th SDecember 2018 (allowing 1 extra week for a washout round)


North Woden Tennis Club