RSTA’s School Holiday Programs @ Bungendore Park TC & Braidwood TC

A healthy, fun way to keep the kids active while you are at work during the school holidays, acquiring new skills and new friends along the way. Why not give RSTA’s school holiday programs at Bungendore or Braidwood a try! Holiday Program Registration Options Below:

Tennis Whizz Launch Pad Into Tennis Holiday Program – 8:30am-11:30am

Ages : 4-6 years The Launch Pad Into Tennis Holiday Program is a fun and simple way to introduce young children to tennis. User-friendly mini-racquets, mini-nets and low-bounce tennis balls help kids learn the skills in a fun and supportive way. Loads of exciting, interactive games focussing on the fundamentals movement and perceptual motor skills required to participate in this great sport will ensure your child’s first experience with tennis is a positive one. Programs are offered Daily or Weekly

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Week 1 – NA

Week 2 – Monday 15th – Friday 19th July 2024 (5 Day Camp) – 8:30am-11:30am-Braidwood TC


Technique and Tactics Holiday Program

Ages : 6+ years Our Morning Holiday Program is dedicated to developing and/or enhancement of technique and the tactics of tennis through exciting drills and fun rally-based games. Other sports with transferable skills such as soccer, netball and hockey are explored to cross train with the tennis component Click below to register :


Week 1- NA

Week 2- Monday 15th – Friday 19th July 2024 (5 Day Camp) 8:30am-1:00pm-Braidwood TC

Technique and Tactics Plus Tournament Tennis

Ages : 6+ years This full day program consists of a morning program that focuses on the tactics of the game of tennis and technical development in a fun, rally-based environment. The afternoon session is dedicated to application of the technical and tactical elements explored in the morning sessions through a series of singles and doubles match-play tournaments. Trophies and/or prizes are awarded to all participants.

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Wk1- NA

Wk2- NA – only Half Day program available.

Hot Shots Tournament Tennis

Ages : 6+ years Hot Shots Tournament Tennis Program involves modified singles and doubles matches, where players are given technical and tactical advice to assist their match-play development under the supervision of Tennis Australia qualified and certified coaching staff. The match play is a tremndous way for players to consolidate technical and tactical information gained in the morning sessions of our holiday program. The exploration and discovery of ones tennis “game” through playing matches is an intrigal part of the development process.

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Wk1- NA

Wk2- NA – only Half Day Program available.


For more information please email or  Call Head Coach David Pajackowski on 0424 295 634